A refreshed model combining public relations, digital, social and creative advertising, integrated by design.

Organisations want amazing ideas that help them have impact. They no longer care what it says on the door or on a business card. Times have changed forever– and we have changed with them. And that is how BPG Orange was born – a reimagined way of doing business. New, challenging and surprising.

We put the client at the centre of everything we do – then build smart, passionate and customised teams designed to meet their needs. And that means BPG Orange is forward-thinking and future-proofed for the challenges of 2020. Want to find out more? Come and give us a squeeze.


At BPG Orange, we believe in Chemistry. Chemistry amongst every member of our internal team and between our external partners.  That’s why we created COLAB – a new platform we to help brands connect with each other and establish synergies that amplify their brand campaigns and communications strategies to their target audiences.

COLAB is very much like speed dating, but for business. Our most recent COLAB event held in Dubai hosted 12 brands from across our client portfolio, and brand representatives had the chance to connect with each other over four sessions of 15-minute discussions. The feedback received so far has been tremendous, with a number of real, workable and cross-functional ideas exchanged, that have resulted in short and long term collaborations.

To register your interest to participate in the next BPG COLAB, drop us an email at Colab@bpgorange.com