About to graduate? Wondering – “What Next?”

Engineered by BPG Group, WhatNext is one of the leading graduate training programs in the MARCOM industry and among the most comprehensive in the region, attracting over 600 applications every year.

We know that talented people are at the heart of our business and the bedrock of our success. That is why for the past 10 years we have looked around the world for the brightest and best young minds.

This eclectic mix of young talent is helping shape the way we grow our integrated change business for the future. They reflect what the BPG Group is all about – multinational; multilingual; multi-faceted; curious; passionate and committed to success.

So far we have taken on over 60 graduates from 19 nations around the world including from Colombia, Egypt, France, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, UAE, UK and US among others. 

What To Expect at WhatNext

If you get accepted on the programme you will become immersed in everything a fully integrated communications business has to offer. Exposed to how digital media works; experience the creative revolution at first hand and see how advertising and public relations are breaking free of traditional constraints.

Eventually you will be allocated a role with a more specialist focus – but encourage to keep thinking big; innovating and contributing every day to helping clients and working in teams with colleagues.

The beauty of our business is no day is the same and WhatNext is made for individuals who are curious; confident; committed and wanting to break down convention. As a programme participant we also encourage individual thinking and robust well thought out points of views.

You will have the chance to ideate; to brainstorm and to present both the conventional and unconventional ideas and concepts to senior colleagues. We provide senior mentoring and on the job training from Agency staff and external industry specialists.

Immersing yourself in the world of BPG and following in the steps of many successful alumni – several of whom hold senior positions within the company today.

And You Get Paid!

  • The first 6 Months: $3,000 per month
  • After completion of 6 months: $3,300 per month

(Applications for the 2019 batch are now closed. However, you are welcome to apply for the 2020 batch).

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