Envisioned by BPG Group as a give back to the MarCom industry in the Arab Gulf region, and enable fresh talents to gain valuable experience, BPG NXT is one of the region’s leading and longest standing graduate training programs and among the most comprehensive of its kind.

Since launching the program in 2006, BPG has hired over 125 graduates from over 20 nationalities around the world including Colombia, Egypt, France, India, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, UAE, UK and the USA among others.  
Every year, a group of promising young talents are selected from an applicant pool in excess of 500 to become immersed in everything our fully integrated communications business has to offer. The selection process is multi-layered and agnostic of cultural, ethnicity and religious biases. Apply today to experience the digital creative revolution firsthand and learn how BPG uses data, insight, creativity and technology to deliver growth for the region’s iconic brands. Welcome to our Industry.  

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Who is eligible to apply for BPG NXT?

The program is for recent graduates or candidates who have less than 3 years of professional experience.

What is the duration of the program?

Successful applicants are enrolled in the training program for 4 months.

Are trainees remunerated?

Yes, BPG NXT graduate trainees receive a monthly compensation throughout the program, including a full stack of benefits including visa sponsorship, medical etc. Post-graduation, a full-time position may be offered and BPG NXTers become salaried employees with all the benefits of full-time employment.

AED 9,000 gross per month for the duration of the 4-month program.  Upon graduation (January 1, 2024) if confirmed as a full-time employee in Dubai, AED 10,000 gross per month, plus all benefits of full-time employment.

KWD 600 gross per month for the duration of the 4-month program.  
Upon graduation (January 1, 2024) if confirmed as a full-time employee in Kuwait, KWD 700 gross per month, plus all benefits of full-time employment.

In which disciplines do trainees get experience in?

Client Services & Business Development
PR Communications
Social Media
Integrated Media & Digital Solutions
Strategy & Planning
Creative & Design

What are the minimum qualifications?

To be eligible, all applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or above.

How can I apply?

Simply fill out the form below and submit your application before June 30, 2023.     

Meet our alumni

Mohamed Ashraf


“The program was an incredible learning experience, that helped me gain valuable skills and insights from all the different departments here in BPG. This knowledge has been instrumental in my journey now as a UX designer in the creative department. In this program, I had the opportunity to see the future of this industry through the lens of experienced veterans who were all so supportive and encouraging to us. I'm incredibly grateful for the experience and would recommend every graduate to seize this priceless opportunity.”

Sabrina Rodriguez


“My experience at BPG as a graphic designer started 2 years after university. I had recently moved back to the Middle East and although I had experienced working in ad agencies in the USA, the program and BPG helped to acclimate and adjust to a new market in MENA. The program summarizes the world of advertising and marketing into an amazing crash course and it gives you opportunities to work with world renowned clients to practice your craft. Besides the work, the diverse working atmosphere nurtures you and pushes you to explore and hone your skills. As a designer, I’d recommend this program to anyone wanting to start their career in a creative field.” 

Marasha Fernandes


“Throughout the course of this program, I’ve had the opportunity to enhance and hone my skills. My rewarding experience gave me the opportunity to train and learn from many innovative and strategic forerunners in the industry. For me, the most appealing aspect of BPG was the vibes and friendly atmosphere, which remains to this day in my current role as a Creative Copywriter. Most of all, the program molded and gave me the confidence to leap into the MarCom industry and explore the field of advertising.”

Humam Tinawi


“The BPG NXT program? Loved it! As someone from a sales background, the program empowered me to embrace the dynamic world of marketing and advertising. Learning directly from esteemed industry professionals has equipped me with practical insights, revealed the core of their profession, and enriched my own life experience. Their mentorship has fueled my confidence, allowing me to comprehend the diverse aspects of our industry. I advise any fresh graduate that is interested in our field to enroll and go through this insightful experience.”

Sriyaa Shah


“I was looking for an opportunity to work with the best and brightest in the industry, and I couldn't have found a better place than BPG. The BPG NXT program helped me learn from not only the leadership team at BPG but also from MarCom leaders in the region. This program gave me a holistic view of the industry, equipping me with the knowledge which still helps me in my role as a Senior Account Executive.  It’s one of a kind in the region and changed my career trajectory.”

Luma Kudsiova


“The program is more than just an internship. It’s a deep dive into the ins and outs of an agency, giving you a wholesome understanding of every department you’re going to be interacting with. Joining the program in 2019 as a new Master’s graduate allowed me to experience the breadth and depth of agency operations and departments – from account management to strategy, all the way to finance and beyond. This was especially useful when I found my place in BPG’s creative team as a Creative Copywriter. Overall, the BPG NXT program is a great opportunity for recent graduates to learn, grow and develop their skills – both personally and professionally.”

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