BPG has been in the business of change since 1980.

We’ve changed the way our clients’ brands are perceived by the audiences they crave. We’ve enhanced reputations, amplified client media exposure and guided brands to invigorated positions in a market constantly in flux. We’ve even contributed to Dubai’s own change—from a retail magnet to a powerful knowledge economy—and proudly lay claim to a unique heritage of having been on the ground in the UAE for 38 years.

From our strategic consultants and media experts to creative thinkers and PR advisors, BPG boasts a solid base of both seasoned professionals and daring innovators who are at home with the unconventional. We are a unique agency – one that is truly integrated by design.

From our regional hubs in Dubai and Kuwait, our multinational team is committed to one goal: making our clients more relevant, engaged and successful than ever.