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A bank you can count on.

Challenge: BPG’s long standing client First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) has expanded internationally across 23 markets. With COP28 taking place in the UAE, we wanted to capture our global audiences and communicate FAB positioning as a global banking partner. 

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Solution: When it comes to looking for a bank, we always look for the partner that drives us to achieve more and grow more. To be able to count on your bank is crucial to deliver stability, trust, and accountability, providing a strong foundation for a healthy financial relationship. BPG created a brand film that was played across all major regional carriers, capturing the global audiences inbound to the UAE and the region during COP28. 

FAb , bank you can count

Results: The result was a film that brings to life the narratives of four distinct protagonists – the Entrepreneur, the Trainer, the Relationship Manager and the Dear Friend. Each embodying a unique tale bound by a common thread of passion and drive, symbolizing the essence of FAB. An omni-channel campaign is being developed that help to further bring these ideas to life. 

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