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Trojena Explored

A 12-part docuseries to raise awareness for Trojena.

Challenge: In 2023, BPG was given the challenging task of helping Trojena create awareness towards its development. The challenge was a big one because Trojena’s offering has never been seen and done before.

So how do we bring this big dream and vision to life? How do we raise awareness for some that’s never been done or even seen before on such scales?

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Solution: We had to let people experience it for themselves and get a glimpse into what Trojena was all about in the most traditional way possible. Storytelling.

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BPG developed Trojena Explored, a first-for-NEOM 12-part docuseries that highlights the marvels of Trojena. This breakthrough series brought world-leading experts, thought leaders, and innovators together in the mountains of NEOM to share their passion for what makes Trojena a true world-first destination.

Each episode was crafted to highlight a unique factor of Trojena — from the sustainable practices adopted to bring snow and skiing to the desert to the ancient Neolithic cave paintings that told the story of Saudi Arabia’s ‘first people’.

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Results: Our first episode generated 304k views in its first week on YouTube allowing people to truly see all that Trojena has to offer. And with more episodes in development, there is so much more yet to be discovered.

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