Porsche Soul Stories: creating Influencers out of enthusiasts

About Project

BPG helps Porsche stay top of mind in Kuwait, by building connections through storytelling, led by video content and authentic engagement with Porsche enthusiasts.

Live Project
December 2022

Building on heritage

Over the course of its six-decade long presence in Kuwait, Porsche has built a dedicated and passionate community of owners and brand loyalists. The German premium sportscar brand has built a heritage with Kuwaitis, who often have multiple generations of Porsche-owners in their families. BPG has helped Porsche build on this heritage and deepen the brand’s emotional connections to Kuwaitis, changing the way the brand communicates and interacts with its audience.

The challenge

Porsche Center Kuwait is usually a focal point for the brand experiences and the customer journey. It is where PCK’s clientele interact with the brand and its models hand-on. But first the COVID-19 pandemic and then global logistical issues limited the capacity for physical brand experiences. To overcome this, we pivoted to a content-led strategy that used one of the brand’s greatest assets – its customers – to strengthen brand affinity and drive showroom leads.

Brand storytelling with soul

UsingPorsche’s customer database, we connected with actual Porsche owners and enthusiasts.Through in-depth conversations with them, we identified a handful of exemplar owners, whose passion for the brand was a reflection of their passions in life and work. Working with them to bring their compelling stories to life, we crafted a branded series of online videos named Soul Stories.

Each episode featured a Porsche owner, with a narrative that seamlessly intertwined their personal and professional stories with the emotional connection with their Porsches. The story became bigger than just the vehicle; it became a story about Porsche and Kuwaitis, and threw a spotlight on an ambitious new generation that set high standards, reflecting the societal shifts within the country. 


The video series struck a chord with Porsche’s select audience, racking up over 1.5 million views onYouTube alone. But the engagement also went beyond viewership.

The owners featured in the episodes saw a huge increase in their social media following, and became mini-influencers in their own right, with an authenticity that couldn’t be matched by regular sponsored influencer content.

PCK was inundated with requests from Porsche owners who volunteered to be featured in future SoulStories. The content series had tapped into their pride of ownership and led to a much larger pool of potential content for the brand.

The increased online engagement led to results in the showroom: following the series launch at the start of 2022, Porsche’s model inventory was soon sold out until June 2022.