Weyay changes the banking game for Gen Z

About Project

Live Project
Weyay Bank
December 2022
  • Shortlisted - Banking & Finance - MENA Effie Awards 2022

Weyay Bank,Kuwait’s first digital-only bank, faced huge challenges when it launched inNovember 2021. It had to acquire customers quickly in a crowded market dominated by larger, well-established banks.

Targeted towards Gen-Z customers (15-24 years old), Weyay offered a different banking experience: mobile only, easy onboarding and streamlined product range.

The Insight

Most youngKuwaitis live at home with their families and many of the decisions in their lives are made for them by their parents, including where they bank. We recognized that they yearned for control over their lifestyle… for financial freedom.

 Bringing the brand to life 

A video-led digital brand-building campaign focused on the emotional benefits of Weyay, showing our audience that ‘You Can’ live your life the way you want.

The voice of a new generation

We connected to our young audience, speaking their language and reflecting their world, in their style. When Kuwait celebrated its NationalDay, Weyay released a music video that added a Gen-Z twist to the festivities.


Scroll-stopping content

Our always-on social media content strategy reinforced the brand building with a daily stream of engaging videos, posts, Instagram stories and Reels. We spoke to young Kuwaitis like no other bank did, and the message was clear: this isn’t your father’s bank.

Outstanding results

Prior to launching the bran, we knew Weyay Bank faced an uphill task. Yet just 6 months after launch, it had far surpassed its KPIs for account openings, achieving 2.5x the first-year customer acquisition target and captured 25% of the marketshare among the target audience (15-24 year olds). It has disrupted the financial sector and is changing how banks engage with the youth segment in Kuwait.